Give Back To Mother Earth

Make us your solar power provider in Milford, PA, Middletown, NY or any of the surrounding areas

The team at Solar Bear Energy, LLC doesn't just want to protect the environment. We want to create a world where the environment doesn't need protection. The overuse of petroleum is destroying our atmosphere. Our lives may depend on energy, but they don't depend on oil.

We founded Solar Bear Energy to give residents of the Milford, PA and Middletown, NY area access to affordable solar power. Act now. Call 570-500-2327 right away to power your home and protect the planet.

Power your future with solar panels

Sustainable energy is more affordable and easier to use than ever. Solar panels are:

Low-maintenance: No moving parts means virtually no maintenance.
Affordable: Working with a solar lending company lets you install solar panels with no upfront cost.
Risk-free: We offer a 25-year warranty on our solar panels.

Call right away for a free installation estimate in Milford, PA, Middletown, NY or any of the surrounding towns.

Are you ready to upgrade to solar power?

Solar energy is an affordable way to decrease (or eliminate) your utility bills and help preserve the planet for future generations. Solar Bear Energy wants to make your conversion as easy as possible. During your solar power consultation, we'll give you all of the information you need to make a sound decision for your home.

Call Solar Bear Energy to get solar panels for your home in Milford, Pennsylvania, Middletown, NY or any of the surrounding areas.